Sunday, December 16, 2018

2019 Plans

Happy Holiday's!! 
I wrote last week about making a post about my goals for 2019, but first I wanna recap our 2018 year. I also wanna share the link to my post, Goodbye 2017, from last year. 
My husband came home after being gone for basically two years in February. 
We had our amazing miracle baby girl in April.
Little Dude turned one in April. 
My brother & sister in law moved in with us. 
Little man turned 3 in July.
 We said 'see you later' to our best friends in July.
We drove to Texas in late August, via van, with all three kids and had a fabulous time.
I started this amazing book that has changed my whole outlook & helped me make some huge decisions moving forward. 

Some of my goals for this year are also recaps from last year. 
1. Amazon:
2. De-Cluttering. 
3. Saving: 

I guess I need to take a second to explain the book change a little more. By reading "Girl, wash your face" by Rachel Hollis I realized that I didn't really have any future goals to work on. I decided that I wanted my own income .. just because. Well I have a lot of reasons but that leads to: 

I want to go to school and get my medical billing/coding certificate. It's about four months of online schooling and the plan is to tackle that in the Spring. My SIL & I decided to do the school together so that we can study together. Hopefully we start that sooner then later. 

5. Self. 
I am a huge believer in self maintenance. For year I have been coloring my hair blonde, getting my nails done and more. I have come to the decision that I don't want to get my hair done anymore. I can't stand wasting that time in a chair. I said my 'see ya later' to my hair girl about a week ago. I do plan on keeping my acrylic nails but I'm going to do it as a 'need to basis' instead of two week basis. It is supposed to help me destress.. I feel guilty the whole time I'm in the chair but I love the final outcome. 
If I can squeeze in the time, I think I'm going to re-up my Y membership. I just want to be selfish and go without the kids in the daycare area. I want to start/finish my school first. I also want the membership so that I can get the two little kids in swim lessons this year because I didn't get the boys in swim lessons at all this year. 
I also decided that as soon as we get back from vacation we are going full Keto. We are going to start with the lazy keto and move to the strict mid year. I want to also say that my husband started the beginning of the year and he has lost 30 pounds! So now that he has started it, it is a little easy to join in. 
I also plan to quit smoking, for real, this coming year. My Dr. already hooked me up with some medicine to help, and I'm ready. 

Those are my five things that I want to accomplish in 2019. I think I could add or embellish a little but I'm thinking I need more of a year of health care changes then anything else. I'm really ready to focus on getting back in shape, I mean I've been pregnant for like three Christmas out of four since 2014.. so yea my body could use some TLC. Those are my goals for 2019! Leave me a link for your goals so I can take a peek! 

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