Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Why I love Target.

We love this symbol, some of us even get excited when we find one randomly.
It's the butt of jokes for women everywhere.
but why?
It's not because someone told me too. 
It's not because I'm a millennial, because I'm not
It's not because it's cool now that I have children. 

I love Target because: 
It's clean.
The shopping carts, for a majority, aren't broken & nasty
They have a Starbucks inside & popcorn & pizza!
I love that the store has a order and is clean.
 I love that you can find someone to help you if you need them.
I love that I feel safe taking my kids there. 
I love that I don't have pressure to buy something, they don't care if I walk around with my hot coffee and just buy a pair of socks.(like you could only leave with one item.)I love being able to get anything from toilet paper, to electronics all in the same place. 
I Love the book selections! 
My oldest is obsessed with books and it's so great to be able to find books for him.
I love that I can use the 'cartwheel app' and use coupons. 
Oh my goodness, the $1 isle is just the bee's knee's.
I love that they have a pharmacy in the store.
I love their kids clothes!
I love their workout clothing.
 I love that they will let you exchange diaper boxes for a bigger size, 
even if they didn't come from them. (but must be on a registry that they've never asked for).
My absolutely favorite thing about Target is that there is never a forever checkout line.  

Our family goes to Target a lot simply because they carry the big bottles of Honest Juice for Little Dude & I don't have to run to base.

I'm not really sure when Target became the 'go to' spot but it's probably because Wal-Mart got so bad. I'm just thankful that a place like Target exists and I am not forced to only shop at Wal-Mart for basically the same items. 

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