Thursday, October 31, 2019

Damn, it's Halloween already?

Holy Gobblins - I can't believe today is Halloween!!

Goodness gratuitous.. tomorrow will be Christmas!! 

Nothing really exciting has happened in the past 6 weeks - Thank God! We are just trying to finish up the house remodel. Guys we still don't have base boards... like I'm about to go banana's on my husband. I know the whole vehicle thing really set us back, hes' been coming and going with work.. so that has really set us back. Plus "I" have been really fighting for my Little Man and all his therapies. So the house stuff has taken a backseat and I am going to really push for us to get back on track. Like we should be able to wrap this up by Thanksgiving.. gosh guys.. a month away!!

So we started a new Speech & OT company! We start on the 8th.. I'm excited. I fought really hard to get this approved b/c it was considered "out of network". You wouldn't believe how far our insurance was willing to make us drive for a "in network" company WHEN we have so many around us. This is the third facility that we have tried to get approved and I did!!! It's really gonna change our nice little schedule we currently have.. buy ya'll know us Momma's will do whatever it takes for our babies.

On that same rabbit hole I started to question our other therapies. I got more involved with my sons teacher and what they are doing at school. They are pushing to put him in GP schools and ya'll he isn't ready for that. Bless his heart.. he's gotta be able to speak his needs and until then .. I'm not moving him. I can't imagine the struggle of putting a non-verbal child in general schools. So we have been really woking on his IEP and passing it down through the other channels. It was brought to my attention that his ABA therapy may not be on the same page with us.
So now I am starting to research other venues and seeing if we are going to be changing that up too. It's crazy. Its' a lot of phone calls. Its' a lot of she said and she said's ... repeating what the teacher is saying and what ABA is saying. Calling this Dr and calling this therapy office but I promise it's all gonna pay off when he starts talking to us. It's just a matter of time before we figure out the right communication avenue for all of us. Ya'll he refuses.. refuses to use sign language. He's started to sing songs.. verbally!! He's started to repeat things.. like "drink" or "eat" but we aren't to the point where he will speak without prompting first BUT we are so close!!!

Other then trying to get my Little Man set up with all the help that he needs.. I have been really pushing to re-organize the house. We have been de-junking like crazy. We are almost down to bare bones in each room. We just really went through the kitchen and got a lot out. So I think we are all on the right direction to making 2020 amazing!! I also have finished up my Christmas shopping for the kids. I decided to just get it out of the way and we can possibly add on if we find something fabulous.

Well I gotta get off from here.. we have a ABA sesh in about 3 hours and then we are off to Trick or Treat!! Please let me know you stopped by and read my little ramble - by leaving a comment below! I'd love to hear from ya! I'd going to try to get on here more.. I swear.. Now that we are shifting stuff around I have a window that I can dedicate to the blog again.. yay!! Alright my little witches.. stay safe & have fun tonight!!

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