Monday, November 25, 2019

all about the benjamin's baby

I'm 38 bitches!! 

Hello new earthly year! 
This year it's going to be all about being selfish & the benjamin's. 
I'm going to buckle down and really try to save. No, I wanna be as frugal as fudge, which is absolutely NOT in my nature. I think we've hit the age with our kids to be outside more, we decided to take the kids to Disney for a all inclusive 3 day birthday celebration. 
(you get a day, you get a day and you get a day!)  I got all 3 kids Mickey (and 1 Minnie)  Mouse Junior Cruiser 'bikes' from Santa /// shhhh. My goal is to take them to this cute little walking trail by the house and let them run over strangers while I attempt to 'walk'. 
You're Welcome! 
I've already limited my whole wardrobe to workout attire, since all I do is either run errands or clean the house. I do shake things up with switching between my 6 yr old Nikes and 2 yr old flip flops. Occasionally I throw my fake ugg boots on.. So I think we could manage keeping up with some Mickey & Minnie high flyer's.. oh yea.. 

Part of the selfish portion of this is getting more active.
I've already been collecting weights and kettlebells. I've also aquired a couple stretch bands too. 
 I want to be out of the house more. I'd like to make it to the park so I can get a little exercise in. I am trying really hard to talk myself into a elliptical but the husband said it would just become a fancy clothing hanging device.. but I really waaaaaaaaannt one. 

 I'm going to try with every fiber in my being to not walk into a Target... yep I said it. I swear I get charged a $200 cover fee for just walking in.. so if I can't send the hubby.. then no Target. I know that's extreme but he has WAY better self control then I do. Well he doesn't get caught up by boots for our daughter (that she grew out of 3 weeks later) or themed t-shirts for the kids (bc thanksgiving is a holiday too - yo) and for sure isn't going to buy the 337th coffee mug I DIDN'T NEED. 

I'm sure I'll add more to my list but for right now this is the directions i'm going in.. 

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