Monday, December 23, 2019

Merry Christmas EVE EVE..

I just can't believe that tomorrow is Christmas Eve for 2019!
 I mean I'm so happy to see this year be gone but man... it just flew by; sorta. 

I got all our gifts wrapped:
((I swear I'm going to finish painting our bathroom soon.. don't judge. lol))

We got pictures with Santa. 

We made sugar cookies galore: 

I think we did good! We got our tree up & the house with lights.
  ((yes the tree is 1/3 decorated b/c kids))

I think we are blessed beyond measure & I'm incredibly thankful for all the 2019 taught us. I'm thankful that my husband didn't deploy at all this year. I'm also incredibly thankful that we aren't pregnant... lol.. nor do I plan on being again. I'm so proud of my elliptical and home gym purchase so I can workout at home. I'm also so insanely thankful my minivan was stolen and totaled and gave me the chance to purchase my beautiful Chevy. I am so in love with her. 

I am ready to ring in the New Year. 
I am ready for all the new lessons and trials & triumphs that comes with 2020. We have a lot of plans for next year - My sister fly's in & we are going to Disneyland. We are talking about a trip to Texas and I think we are going to Washington again next Christmas to be with our friends.

From my family to yours.. I pray you have a very blessed, safe and full filled holiday. 

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