Tuesday, January 28, 2020


I've been keeping my emotions off facebook.
I've been silently dying to scream from the roof tops that we are very highly possibly MOVING!
Can I just stop and tell you that every fiber of my being is holding it's breath. Can I tell you that I've stopped a thousand and one times stopped and prayed this all falls together. I'm even going to admit that my closet is already full of packed boxes & I'm not stopping. 

You guys all know my Van was stolen out of my drive way in August. Since then I can't seem to shake the unnerving sense that we aren't safe. Then my husband came up for new orders and I panicked. what if we aren't safe? what happens if this happens again? how do i protect my little family? what if all the bad happens while he is gone & I'm all alone? 

 After searching and searching for houses in such a inflated market we found that we can't afford to move. I was heart broken. I started searching alarms, self defense classes, and even our Cali gun laws. I visited a new friend at her house a couple weeks ago, pulling in her driveway a light bulb went off.  We could sell our house and move into military housing!
 I walked through her house and saw all the potential in the world. I couldn't get home fast enough to blurt this all out. My thoughts were a mile a moment as I pitched my biggest sale to my husband. It took about two whole weeks of constantly bringing up the PROS b/c it also comes with the cons.
Then I prayed. 

After a very long prayer sesh, in my truck, I came home to my husband saying that he has agreed to 'look into it'. Which lead us to contact a zillow affiliate to do a cash offer for our home. We have been waiting to put in the paperwork for the housing until we figure out our house. Tomorrow we get our preliminary offer & it's looking very very promising. Then they do a 'walk thru' and give us a offer. All of which should be done in the next week.

If everything falls into place we will be moving a very short time span... weeks.. like quick. So fingers crossed this all works out.

I just want to add.. that while it may seem extreme to someone.. that I want to throw our equity out the door to rent.. I just wanna say that my peace of mind and comfort is worth WAY more then a mortgage payment. I don't think I need to justify to anyone .. that it was just a vehicle. That it was replaced and that should be that. My sense of safety for my family has been shaken & I feel in my bones that that is the RIGHT decision for us right now.
 It's not forever, but this is going to be our next chapter. 

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