Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Partner compassion

Right now with the world falling apart. With riots, face masks, crazy political propaganda & the world coming out of a 2 month hibernation... shit be crazy y'all. So I'm gonna create a dual post about uplifting our partners because we all could use some encouragement.

Men. Right now your women need you more then ever. I'm sure you think I'm about to talk about the kids being home... nope. In today's society physical manipulation is everywhere! False eye lashes, hair extensions, 3 pounds of makeup and contouring. All the you-tube video's teaching us how to slim our waists with slips, creams to remove bags under out eyes. It's a crazy world. Don't get me wrong some of these things I listed are nice and fun. I love my false eye lashes, I love my primer, and I love spanx. Here is what I propose. Start telling her how beautiful she looks when she doesn't have makeup on. Start wrapping her arms around her waist before the spanx goes on. Comment on little outfits she wears and little shirts she wears you like so much. Now.. if you haven't been doing this.. she's gonna roll her eyes and brush you off. She might even claim to have a 'headache' the moment you start your complements but stay diligent because she's listening.  On you way home grab her favorite bottle of wine, or starbucks drink or favorite bag of chips. Like that simple. Tell her how cute she looks when you know she feels a mess, make a pot of coffee and let her enjoy a warm cup. Take a joint shower after the kids go to bed and just wash her back; which is my favorite things after a long day. Maybe pop a bag of popcorn after the kids go to bed and watch a show with her with your phone off. You don't have to say a word, wrap a blanket over the two of you and just relax. Those little moments are so crucial after a rough day. Women have a lot of pressure. We have a ton of people telling us all how we are doing shit wrong, how old we look, how we aren't keeping up with life. As our significant other.. just take a moment to breath life back into us. We are very over touched and over censored right now because of our spawn. So don't do all this coping a feel because you'll lose your hard work - but if you are doing it right she'll respond to your passes. You know your girl. Think about those things she liked and likes. Showing you are paying attention means the world.

Ladies. Give yourself some grace. You are juggling ALOT right now. It's a ton or stress and most of us are going crazy. Don't forget about your husbands. Remember they are stressed out too. Remember to give your husbands a extra hug, a genuine smile, and compliment them on something positive. I think we forget how amazing our men are. Maybe he gets up on Saturday's with the babies. Maybe he always remembers the trash or empties out the dishwasher. Maybe he takes care of the laundry on the weekends or helps you change out the washer/dryer. Maybe he's completed his honey list, maybe he's come home and given you 20 min to yourself so you can hide in the closet. Whatever those little things are.. make sure you say thank you. I don't mean they need to end up between the sheets thank you's but something sweet and simple. My husband really appreciates when I acknowledge something that he has done to help me..

With all the uncertainty right now.. we need to remember to be kind and generous to our loved ones. The best way to keep the tension down in our homes is to give grace to one another and love each other through this crazy year. I can't begin to explain how important this all is. Call your parents, grandparents, siblings... spread some laughs and remember to tell our important people that they are loved. I hope everyone is doing good. Keep your heads up guys.... we are halfway through this crazy year...

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