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Hi! My name is Amy & this is my little piece of the blog world. "Lat n Long" is another way of saying 'Direction' and when my husband suggested it - I ran with it. 

My husband is in the Navy. We have been married for three years.
We are both originally from Texas & are now in San Diego, CA.

This is my oldest baby. His name is Gideon & he is four years old. We got him in Texas during a visit in 2011. He is a our big baby who loves to cuddle, tennis balls & 
his mortal enemy is the mail man. 

This is Spice, we rescued her back in 2012.
She is more of a outside kitty but she loves to come in and drink from the water faucet.
She also loves 'little man' & can often be found guarding his room at night.

This is Sprinkles. We rescued here from a military family who moved away.
She came to live with us Halloween 2013.
She is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle and talk.

This is my 'little man'. After years of battling with infertility we welcomed
our little man in July of 2015 after doing IVF in 2014. 

Our newest addition to the family is "Bella". She is our little ball of energy - 
seriously I think she related to the energizer bunny.
Bella is a Pomeranian and was born Nov 2015.

I'm a Peyton Manning fan & I'm super sad he retired. 
I love Texas A&M football.
I love to cook, go to the beach, animals, reading, and I absolutely LOVE
Dierks Bentley. I'm a die hard fan.

Thanks for joining our adventures. We love having your guys along!
Join in by leaving us some comments & I'll do my best to comment back!

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