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Hi! My name is Amy & this is my little piece of the blog world. "Lat n Long" is another way of saying 'Direction' and when my husband suggested it - I ran with it. 

My husband is in the Navy. We have been married for six years.
We are both originally from Texas & are now in San Diego, CA.

This is my 'little man'. After years of battling with infertility we welcomed
our little man in July of 2015 after doing IVF in 2014.
Little Man was diagnosed with high functioning autism in 2017.
He loves books, is very reserved, he is funny and he loves music & swinging.

This is Little Dude.
He was conceived via FET (frozen embryo transfer) and was born April 2017
He is the happiest child I have ever met.
He loves cars, animals especially Elephants , and people.
He is interested in how things work & takes things apart to put them together again. 

Little Girl is our Unicorn baby. 
She was conceived naturally, shocking us & our team of Dr's. 
Little girl is our watcher. She watches everything you do & silently takes notes. She can hear food being opened five rooms away. She loves fluffy things, following Little Dude around & her Daddy.
If you can't find the remote or your cell phone.. chances are she has it.  

I'm a Peyton Manning fan & I'm super sad he retired. 
I love Texas A&M football.
I love to cook, go to the beach, animals, reading, and I absolutely LOVE
Dierks Bentley. I'm a die hard fan.
I love Starbucks, Chipotle, Blue Chair Bay Rum & baseball caps

Thanks for joining our adventures. We love having your guys along!
Join in by leaving us some comments & I'll do my best to comment back!

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